What is calmelon logo about?

You know the inspiration of how our brand came about so now we want to share more about our logo.

We went through a few versions of the logo before this. As we went, we got opinions from the people around us to refine each versions. Then, we finally came to an agreement on a version and we were almost set that in stone for that particular design.

But we realized that we were chasing to meet so many different opinions that we almost forgot to stay focus on our own vision. We backtracked to our past conversation when we were brainstorming on concepts on our logo, one of us said how about we put a baby face in a flower (inspired by the sunny baby in an old baby TV show called Teletubbies)? A-ha! Back to the designer, we went and a few versions and colours later, here we are!

calmelon logo

calmelon is born and also applied to be trademarked. We love our brand logo as it doesn’t depict any gender and it gives a calm feeling too. We definitely learned a lot of how logo design placed a big role in branding throughout the process.