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Calmelon® Essentials

Packed with love and heartfelt commitment to each bottle for the well-being of our precious one.

Calmelon Natural Baby Daily Lotion

Suitable for newborn and children Hypoallergenic-Tested
Fragrance-Free, Non Sticky and Fast Absorbing

Calmelon Natural Baby Shampoo & Bath

Suitable for newborn and children Dermatologist-Tested 
Soap-Free, Mild and Gentle

Inspired by Nature, Guided by Science

We thoroughly study ingredients with utmost dedication to create sustainable and effective formulations. Our products are thoughtfully crafted to make a positive impact on your children, the planet, and the future.


Soothing and cooling irritated skin.


Our foaming agent and preservative are plant-based too!


No synthetic fragrances, essential oil . reduce to trigger the irritants.

Every baby deserves the best

Calmelon’s mission is to provide the best for every baby. We offer natural alternatives with the highest quality and effectiveness, ensuring the safety and gentle care of little ones. Trust our products to meet your baby’s unique needs and bring peace of mind to parents.

Reviews from Delighted Parents