calmelon Baby Steps To Be Eco-Friendly

As parents, we want our children to experience the beauty of mother nature as they grow into adulthood. But with climate change happening more rapidly as the year goes by, it’s not the same as before. As humans, we have an active role to play to make a change and protect nature no matter how big or small it is.

That’s why in calmelon, here are our baby steps to be more eco-friendly to mother nature:

Our Bottles

Made from HDPE and wheat starch material, our bottles are easier to be recycled while being sturdy to handle the falls. Though right now, we are unable to find more eco-friendly pumps that can be easily recycled as the bottle, you can always clean both and reuse it in other ways for your household. Our bottle label is also single layered and easily peeled off to make the bottle easier to be recycled.


Other than the calmelon limited edition value packs, we don’t put unnecessary packaging to our products cause our Natural Baby Shampoo & Bath and Natural Baby Daily Lotion already looks good naked. With the recent times as we all shop online more often, packaging materials are causing an environmental problem too. So we try to minimize packaging.

Skincare Savvy

Parents are now equipped with insights on what ingredients to avoid and they know their extracts from their essential oils. We’ve displayed our key ingredients and all the important info on the label so you know what you’re getting. Moreover, we’ve included the ‘Free From’ logo so you know what you’re not getting. Our ingredients are vegan and not tested on animals, as we stand by our eco-friendly approach.

Do stay tuned for more exciting news. And as always, let’s take baby steps to be more eco-friendly!